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Sunday, July 20, 2008

Neglect of the Interior

I think there is a danger or temptation sometimes in this new movement to simplify our lives and detach ourselves from the many superfluous possessions that surround us. I feel that it is easy for us become so focused on the externals that we forget about interiorly simplifying our lives.

I know that for myself, it is common to think about or discuss with others the ideal life style, how few possessions could I live with, how radical would it be to not be burdened with this or that… (Often, we don’t even do anything – we just like to talk about it.) But we so easily neglect the interior life. It is here that we should begin the journey to simplify. I should work first and foremost to purify my heart and mind, that I may be transformed to be come more Christ-like. When that deep and intimate relationship with God is fostered, the external forms of simple living come naturally. They flow out of our single-mindedness for Christ. When he is all that we desire, the lures and trappings of the world will appear to us as worthless. “For his sake I have accepted the loss of all things and I consider them so much rubbish, that I may gain Christ and be found in him” (Phil 3:8)

We must take time for God and strive to serve him to our fullest capacity in our current state in life. We must develop our daily prayer lives. We must work to rid ourselves of attachments and idols on an interior level. With that authentic and pure desire for God will come holy and authentic actions - manifestations of our relationship with Him. And as people of prayer, our actions will be a witness to the world and will give great glory to God!

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Steven said...

"We do not detach ourselves from things in order to attach ourselves to God, but rather we become detached from ourselves in order to see and use all things in and for God."
- Thomas Merton
New Needs of Contemplation

Solid post Matt- Something I really needed to hear. Thanks.