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Monday, September 15, 2008

Bishop Murphy on the Common Good

"We are a nation committed to both economic freedom and economic justice. But that cannot mean freedom for me and justice for me alone. The classic linking of the human person with the common good teaches us that we have to use our freedom and creativity not just for ourselves and those we care for. It must extend to all those who are affected by our actions and by society's goals. That means everybody in today's globalized world."
Bishop William Murphy, Labor Day Statement

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Aaron said...

Did he talk about subsidiarity as well? The Church has traditionally taught, and continues to teach, that our primary duties are towards those closest to us. Or, put another way, those closest to a problem should deal with it first. Hence the Church's emphasis on the role of the family. But, as Bishop Murphy has pointed out, in a globalized world, the answer to "Who is my neighbor?" is "Just about everyone." How do we apply subsidiarity? In a world of scarce resources, who do we help first, and how? Complex times, these are...