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Thursday, September 4, 2008

Think you're pretty smart, do ya?

It is not uncommon for me to get caught up in the idea that I’ll go through a certain training or education or experience and then I’ll be prepared to do some form of ministry or a particular job or something like that. I think, “once I get through with this, then I will really know what I’m doing and I’ll be very good at it.” But somehow I always come out still feeling a little under-equipped for whatever task I expected to be a pro at.

In today’s readings, we are reminded that we will never be completely able or prepared to do what God calls us to and we will never be as smart or wise about God’s ways and his plans for us as we would often like to think. Once we come to this realization, we can the call on the Lord for help, completely dependent on his grace for the strength and wisdom to answer the call.

We, like Peter, often think that we know better than God (after all, I DO have a college education) but when we finally give in and concede our infinite wisdom to his, we usually find ourselves humbled and saying “Forgive me Lord. I am not worthy.”

Lord, Help us to remember that human wisdom is absurdity to you. May we rely completely on you and never think that it is by our own cleverness or ability that we do anything good or worthwhile, but rather that it is by your grace and the work of the Holy Spirit within us – and there is no greater source of strength than that!

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The Hickman Six said...

Great reflection Matt. I heard it said one time "God wants YOU more than He wants to USE you for His purposes." Sometimes I feel that we get so caught up in the Mission of God that we forget about the Mission of God, that He is madly and deeply in love with us, and that He desires us to need and desire Him. I believe that not knowing the way things are going to go, or not being fully equipped for certain jobs, turns our hearts to His providence. And we are satisfied when we do so. As missionaries our first call is to trust in Him, not to figure out all the plans, methods, and models He is going to use to heal the world through you.
When we have fled the arms of the Father, our temptation is to think we know more than He. But, when we are safe, abiding in His loving arms, we can think only His thoughts and go where He goes...

Daddy, take us with you! We wanna do what your doing!