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Saturday, November 29, 2008

Black Friday & Christmas Presence

I have recently been convicted of my own material inclinations, most especially this past "Black Friday". Yet, I found myself drawn to the adds like ants to food. The state of our country in its consumeristic state is clearly summed up by this years violence on black Friday, including a Walmart employee stampeded to death. How is it that we are so easily fooled into the counter fit. We continue to pursue things instead of relationships, even in the midst of this financial crisis.

On a positive note, I have recently seen a cool antidote to the poison we are feed constantly. Check out Advent Conspiracy Video @ - "Give Presence this Christmas"


Ed said...

I definitely agree with you Jason. What happened at the Walmart with the trampeling is a violent example of the symptoms plaguing many in our country. I don't agree that instead of consumerism we should put our stock in "relationships." Many of us use relationships to fill a void in the same way that some use consumer things. Only a relationship with God will truly fill the void we are all searching for. Thank you for writing Jason and thank you for the great link.

Matthew said...

Wow! What an awesome video and website, Jason. Also, they showed that video before Mass at Our Lady of Mt Carmel last night (though from my vantage point I couldn't really see so it was just some nice music to me. I had no idea the message was so great!) The parish decided to raise money to provide clean drinking water. I think that's pretty cool.
Good point, Ed. Though I don't think my friend, Jason meant to say that we can replace our need for God with other relationships, you are absolutely right in saying that God alone can truly fill that void. Thanks for all your thoughts and comments!

Jason said...


Thanks for the comment. I think we are on the same page. "Putting out stock into Relationships" is fulfilling the command to love God & neighbor. Obviously our relationship with the Lord brings life & love into all we meet & on the flit side, loving others/marginalized is a way of putting our love of God into action.

Peace of Christ to you this Advent!