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Friday, February 13, 2009

Jesus and Justice Always Kiss

Here are some excerpts from a blog post called "Jesus and Justice Always Kiss: A Plea to Youth Pastors Making Out with Empire" by Jarrod McKenna
The challenge for youth pastors and leaders that Don and Rob are pointing to is how do we create disciples of God’s kingdom when our youth’s imaginations have been colonized by the corporate consumerism of our current empire (that is literally costing us the earth)?...
This generation does not need more slick entertainment or clever answers to numb us to what is really happening in our world. Instead they long for a space where their deepest questions can be explored with people who are authentically living an alternative to empire...
The challenge for youth pastors is the challenge of hearing Jesus say, “Follow me”; to lose our lives in living God’s love. Then, as communities, we become signs of God’s new world in the midst of empire and youth will start to ask us … “Why?”

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