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Friday, July 31, 2009

Farewell, Andre House

For those of us on staff at Andre House, we are entering the final week of our year here. I can't believe that our time is almost over already. While there are some things here that I will not miss (like the occasional wrath of angry guests) I am sad to leave many of the wonderful people whom I have gotten to know over the past year - staff and volunteers, as well as guests like Ronnie and Andre who often brought a smile to my face. It has be a time of great growth, both personally and spiritually and I will always treasure the good memories and good people of this place.

Below is a nine and a half minute audio journal that I put together with the stories and thoughts of some of our guests. I hope you enjoy it (prepare yourself for some cheese).

Wait for it... It seems to take a little while for the clip to load. You can also find the audio file at:


Anonymous said...

Awsome,Matt...thanks and best of luck to u.

Anonymous said...

This was awesome. A great insight into the AH community. Thanks so much.

Arleen Spenceley said...

LOL. I love the cheese.

And amen! In a life of comfort, so often we leave little room for God, if any. This was great. Thanks for sharing it!