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Monday, July 5, 2010

WORD On the Street

WORD on the Street by Rob Lacey

Hi, friends! So, I was just introduced to Rob Lacey's work. Lacey worked as an actor and broadcaster (specifically in storytelling and poetry) in the UK for 20 years before bringing Bible stories to the stage at Christian festivals and conferences in the UK and US. He passed away in 2006 from cancer. Both The Word on the Street and The Liberator are re-tellings of the Gospels of Matthew, Mark, and Luke in urban speech, including some poetry (So much for the Beloved Disciple... for some reason he didn't use John).  They have been described as a "dangerously real retelling of Scripture." Anyway, thought I'd share in case anyone is interested. (I also wish I'd have heard of him before the school year ended, so I would have been able to share with my students.) Below is Lacey's creative interpretation on The Beatitudes of Matthew from The Word on the Street (2003). Aiight.

Matthew 5:1-12
Jesus see how the troupe of groupies is growing, so he goes up the nearest hill and lets them follow. They listen in as he teaches his team.
“I’ll tell you who’ll laugh last: the people who don’t think too much of themselves, who know they are a mess – their ticket to heaven’s already in the post (first class).

Who’ll be happy? The people who know about grief, who don’t shove the mess behind the sofa, but face it – God himself is going to put his arm round them

Who’ll be content? The modest, gentle types, who don’t go round grabbing – they’ll get given the world.

Who’ll be laughing? The People who only want to do the right thing, like its’ their food and drink – their ‘good news in tray’ will be piled high.

Who’ll be laughing? The people who don’t hold grudges, who forgive and forget – they’ll get treated likewise.

Who’ll be laughing, deep down, already? The people who aren’t polluted with stuff that mugs the heart – they’ll get to see God.

Who’s laughing, deep down? The people who stop fights and start friendships, who turn fists into high fives – they’ll get known as God’s children.

Who’s laughing? The people who get slapped down for doing the right thing – they get given the security code to heaven’s gates.

And you’re laughing if people despise you. You’re delirious if they pick on you. If they slag you off just because you’re on God’s side – throw a party! Go wild! Paint the town – your bonus in heaven is hitting the humongous mark. Because that’s exactly what they did to all the couriers (prophets) who prophesied my arrival.” 


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