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Monday, August 23, 2010

I, Francis

I recently finished a book my brother gave me called I, Francis by Carlo Carretto – one of my favorite authors writing about my all time favorite saint! In fact, Carretto writes in the character of St. Francis of Assisi, speaking to the people of today about his own life. The book did not disappoint. It really brought the story and person of St. Francis to life for me and also convicted and inspired me to strive toward a life of holiness, a life completely consumed by the freedom of the spirit of God. I would like to share two short passages, both of which capture the simplicity of the life in Christ that we were made for - Simple, yet very hard to do.

What counted in life was not to do, but to love.
What saved the world was not our wisdom, and not our action: it was the power of the love of God, lived in each one of us.
On the human level, Christ’s life was a failure. But on the level of his love, it was the masterpiece that gave new life to all creation.
By dying for love, Christ had exalted the whole world.
Death had been vanquished.

(p. 89)
Wickedness and violence are rooted in the fear of others.
If human beings go to war, it is because they fear someone.
Remove the fear, and you shall reestablish trust. And you shall have peace.
Nonviolence is fear’s destruction.
This is why I tell you once more, I, Francis: Learn to conquer fear, as I did that morning when I went out to meet the wolf with a smile.
By conquering myself, I conquered the wolf.
By taming my wicked instincts, I tamed those of the wolf. By making an effort to trust the wolf, I found that the wolf trusted me.
My courage had established peace.

(p. 81)

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