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Tuesday, February 6, 2007

Public Prayer

We should pray with other people more. Yesterday at school, somebody just asked to pray with me. I was totally encouraged and was left thinking that I ought to do that more - especially with other Christians or when it becomes clear that they could use prayer. As I thought about it, several instances came to mind just in the last week where I could have easily ended conversations by praying with the other person. It's a great way to live out our faith and share Christ with others. We need to get over the fear and just do it. Chances are, both people will walk away feeling a lot better.

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Aaron said...

I know I personally could really pray with my friends a lot more. Yesterday I was having brunch with four old classmates of mine, two of them from out of town. We had a great and then said our goodbyes and that was that. Why didn't we thank God in prayer for our time together and ask that He bring us together again?...